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I have the energy, tenacity, compassion and skills to help mobilize the healthy part of you toward liberation from the tyranny of your automatic, self-destructive mechanisms responsible for creating your symptoms — anxiety, depression, etc. You will be left feeling a sense of freedom and vitality that lets you fully and authentically engage in life!

In our initial meeting we'll evaluate whether we are a good therapist-client fit and wish to work together. If we find that working together would not be in your best interest, you will not be charged. But — if we agree to work together, we may extend our initial meeting to two or three hours. 


This will get us off to a robust start. We'll begin to identify and clarify the exact nature of your problems. We'll also commence detecting — and take steps towards removing — impediments to reaching your goals. Subsequently, we’ll decide to meet for 50 minutes weekly. (We may also agree to schedule additional block sessions when preferred.) Block therapy significantly shortens the length of the therapy process!

For the convenience of out-of-area clients, I offer two-, three- and four-hour block format sessions on weekends and Fridays. 


I offer a sliding-fee scale for self pay clients (clients that prefer their privacy or are not insurance reimbursable) and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you in improving the quality of your life! 

Areas of healing


Life transitions


Anxiety and panic

Unresolved anger

Trauma and abuse

Loss and grief


Low self-esteem

Relationship & intimacy issues

Somatic symptoms (physical manifestation of emotional pain)

...and more


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