In truth, there is no coming to consciousness without pain and people will do most anything in order to avoid facing painful, suppressed feelings, unaware of their missed opportunity. As Rainer Maria Rilke points out: "Our deepest FEARS are like dragons guarding our deepest TREASURES."

While by far the most commonly prohibited emotion to work through may be anger (rage), this holds true for all deeply buried, painful feelings that prevent us from connecting to our core source where we experience — and are able to express — our genuine deep love, joy and vitality.


My style is highly interactive, viscerally experiential and body- and emotion-focused. I work energetically and with compassion. Our work will take place in the "here and now," with minute-to-minute, in-depth processing of difficult emotional and relational experiences. This paves the way for development of a whole new set of neuro-transformational experiences. 

Research has demonstrated that successful psychotherapy is highly dependent on the relationship between client and therapist. Our first priority will be to build a trusting partnership and create a safe therapeutic environment — one without judgment or criticism. You'll be seen through kind eyes, while learning to do the same.

Deep within we all long for a life that fulfills our unique promise and beauty. You and I will create and implement a compelling, customized course of action that will liberate the healing force already within you so you will be free to fulfill your unique promise and beauty. 


We'll work well together if you are fully committed and determined to put in the effort required to heal deep emotional wounds and seek lasting transformation. Integration of heart, mind and soul will help calm internal chaos. You'll be free to form and experience rich relationships and will, ultimately, achieve self-mastery.






Together, we will

make a profound

difference in your life.