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About me

Sigrid Dildine/Bethesda therapist

Sigrid Dildine


Life is short and I endeavor to work as swiftly as possible to rapidly produce a sense of clarity and relief for you.


My style is direct, collaborative, energetic and engaging. I'm an active advocate for change and passionately practice a radical form of intense relational and experiential psychotherapy proven to produce lasting results in a shorter period of time.


Over the past 25+ years as a therapist I have also practiced accessing the deeper unconscious patterns of my own life — my own heart of compassion continues to evolve and deepen via spirituality and the mobilization of my unconscious awareness.

Effective therapy is not merely a "chat." It requires a rigorously honest, safe, co-creative alliance, devoted to bringing your unconscious into the light of consciousness. This opens the pathway to healing and allows you to be free to thrive, unearthing the genuine, effervescent core that lies deeply buried underneath your fears and emotional suffering. When you choose to know and train your unconscious habits and tendencies, you increase your capacity for healthy free will. 

To quote Carl Jung, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct external circumstances and you will call it fate." He wisely goes on to say that "Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one's being, but by integration of the contraries."


We’ll always look for glimmers of aliveness, health, resilience and your capacity and drive to heal. I consider it a profound privilege to accompany you into your darkest places to find the light of your spirit, strength and courage. Witnessing the moment your deep, soulful yearnings transform into a new life force of personal destiny and interpersonal creativity is a most cherished moment.

Having lived in Europe and traveled the world extensively, I speak English, German, Spanish and French and am sensitive to cross-cultural issues. 


  • Washington School of Psychiatry, 3-year ISTDP certificate, 2009

  • University of Maryland, MSW, Clinical Social Work, 1992

  • American University, BS, 1973



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