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  but how we will live!

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For most of us, relationships with others are instrumental in defining who and what we are. They make us or they can break us.

Relationships can hurt or can heal. Hurtful relationships early in life can only be fully repaired through a healing relationship. 

When our closest relationships aren’t working, it often fills us with anxiety, self-doubt, guilt, hurt, resentment, fear, shame and anger. These feelings frequently lead to emotional reactions, which add fuel to the fires of dysfunction and the downward spiral of desperation.

Throughout our time together you will be seen (and will practice seeing yourself) through kind, empathic eyes (without critical judgment) as you learn to do the same with your partner and family.

In our work together we will pay close attention to our own relationship with each other as I help you empower yourself (and partner) to develop safe, positive, and long-lasting, intimate connections. I will help you find pathways out of your relationship conundrums.

We will focus on building trust and on using conflicts as an opportunity for growth, rather than a chance to engage in power struggles. You will learn how individual/character differences can energize, rather than hurt, relationships.

I will provide tools and techniques towards mastering the challenge of communication. You will see how changing your style of communications can lead to more harmonious and joyful relationships with spouses, parents, and children.

By facilitating constructive changes and shifting perspectives, I can help you and your partner regain your sense of vitality, excitement, and passion -- that “in-love” feeling, so that you can become a source of pleasure and inspiration for each other once again. 

If you feel stuck, or are staying in a relationship out of desperation, or putting all your focus and attention on another person while neglecting yourself and what’s important to you, consider taking steps now to make important changes.


Self Test on Relationships

  1. I seem to choose the “wrong” people, resulting in unhealthy relationships.
  2. I’m always afraid my partner might leave or cheat.
  3. I’ve been betrayed by others more than my fair share.
  4. Someone I loved and cared about really did a number on me and I’m afraid to try again.
  5. I keep getting dumped and don’t know why.
  6. No matter what I do, it never seems to be good enough.
  7. Even when I try to be loving, it always turns into a battle or argument.
  8. I get anxious in my relationships when things start to go well.
  9. I deny my needs and settle for less.
  10. I’m scared to (re)open my heart in love relationships.
  11. I can’t free myself from the baggage of old painful relationships.
  12. I care and love in a way that ends up hurting me.
  13. My feeling “not good enough” keeps me from having nurturing relationships.

If any of these issues hit close to home, it may be time to schedule an appointment to look more deeply at what’s really going on, remove the roadblocks, and get down to the root causes of your inhibitions.

If the above test does not apply, and you are your yearning for spiritual meaning and purpose, and deeply empowering relationships: Learn more .....

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